Saturday, April 2, 2011

Have I done any good in the world today?

My church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, held a general conference today, where we listened to counsel and encouragement from our modern-day prophet and the general authorities of the Church.  Among the talks that were given, was one by President Henry B. Eyring about service.

His talk quoted the hymn, Have I Done Any Good.  As soon as that hymn was mentioned, I remembered a desire I'd had to frame a part of that song and display it in my home as a reminder to do good continually. 

So, I spent the rest of the morning session, while listening to conference on TV, putting together a printable.  Feel free to download and use it yourself! 

I put this one together first.  I like that it has more of the hymn's lyrics on it, but I find myself more drawn to the second one I made. 

This one is simpler and I like the look of it better.  I think I'll use both.  One for my frame and one to put on the fridge.  

I bought an inexpensive ($3) Walmart frame and spray-painted it yellow.  I love it.  It'll look so cute in my room.  Here's what each printable looks like in the frame.  (And, don't you love the ranunculus?  I picked that up today at Walmart, too.  I love spring!)

To download the printables, click on the images to open a larger image.  Then, right click to save as.

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Jenifer said...

love these! Thanks for sharing them. That was one of my favorite songs growing up.

ewoman007 said...

I had a roommate at BYU that had "did you think to pray" framed and it hung by her front door. I've always remembered how awesome that idea was as a reminder. So,I really love your "reminder" as well.

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