Monday, May 30, 2011

Pink and Gray Dress

I made this pink and gray dress for a wedding this summer.

I used Simplicity 2591, a pattern which I think I'll definitely use again sometime.  So many possibilities! 

Here's a picture of it on, since it's not quite the same on a dress form as on an actual person (though, I don't love being in these pictures...anyone else also have to have your less-than-skilled-at-photography husband take all your pictures?)  I styled it with my pink and gray necklace, a pretty gray cardigan from Target, as well as my favorite gray pumps, also from Target. 
I'm really liking this dress.  It's comfortable, flattering, really cute, and has huge pockets.  And, you know I love pockets!  :) 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Card Club: May

Since Father's Day is just around the corner, I thought I'd put some Father's Day cards together for this month's Card Club meeting.

Yet again, I'm a bit of a copy cat. I made some shirt-and-tie cards like these at mmmcrafts. They're so cute; how could I not make some?!

These are mine: 
This one is my favorite.  I kind of fell in love with this floral tie, even though flowers aren't too manly.  But, you've seen floral ties around, right?  Right...?


I wanted my shirts to be more than just solid colors, but this gingham was the best I could find.  With all those cute scrapbook papers out there, there must be some plaid papers somewhere.  But, I didn't find any easily, so gingham it was. 


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pink and Gray Necklace and Tutorial

Necessity is the mother of invention, yes?  I find that my best creations come when I'm trying to fill some specific need, rather than crafting for crafting's sake.  This time, it's my Pink and Gray Necklace.  My Brother-in-law is getting married this summer.  Their colors are pink and silver/gray, so I wanted to wear a dress to their wedding that coordinated with their colors.  I finished that dress this week (post coming soon!), but it needed a necklace.  I had the perfect idea in my head of what I thought would look good with it, but couldn't easily find a necklace like what I wanted.  So, I made one. 

And, I had the forethought to take pictures as I made it, so you get to see how to make one too! 

To make this necklace, you'll need some monofilament, two jump rings, your desired number of beads (I used 17), and 36 inches of ribbon.

Begin with a jump ring.  Mine isn't exactly a jump ring, but it's what I had on hand.  Tie some monofilament to your ring.  (I just use fishing line, it's a lot cheaper than buying monofilament at a craft store.)

Next, string on your beads.  The rest of the necklace will be ribbon, so you don't need the length of beads to fit all the way around your neck. 

After your last bead, tie another jump ring onto your monofilament.  Snip any extra monofilament off. 

Thread ribbon through each jump ring.  I used about 18 inches of ribbon, folded in half (to make a length of 9 inches after tied onto your necklace), for each side. 

Tie a neat knot in the ribbon over each jump ring.

Tie the ribbons around your neck in a pretty bow and wear your new necklace!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scout Necklace

I always thought it was a little awkward for a scout to try to pin the mothers' pin to his mom's shirt when he got an award. That's why, shortly before my twins joined Cub Scouts, I was excited to come across this tutorial from Creative Chicks for a Cub Scout Mother's Pin Necklace. 

Here's my version:
And here's J pinning on my first Bobcat Mother's Pin of the night. (T got his about 30 seconds later--sadly, no picture). 

And, it'll be such a great place to keep all the pins.  Won't it look great when all my boys are Eagle Scouts and the necklace is full of all their pins?!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Flower Hairclip Tutorial

My sister asked me to make my niece a few hairclips to go with her Easter Dress. Here's what I came up with:
She chose to wear the felt one.  Here is my sweet niece modeling the clip for me in a field of tulips:
Now, being a mom of only boys, I'm rather new to hairclips.  While getting ideas for the clips, I saw some ribbon flowers in the notions section at the fabric store, and thought I'd try to figure out how to make some like that out of my own ribbon.  Perhaps this is old news to you ladies out there who have little girls, but it's new to me.  :) 

This is the clip we'll be making today:
You'll need:
1 narrow green ribbon
1 medium grosgrain ribbon in your desired color
1 button
Needle and Thread
Hair clip

I’m sure you could use hot glue for this tutorial, but I found it to be easier with needle and thread.

1. Poke your needle through the end of your green ribbon.
2. Loop ribbon around to make a leaf shape, push needle through second layer.
3. Repeat on other side
4. Repeat steps 1 though 3 with the wider ribbon.

5. Keep adding loops until you like the look of your flower. I made 5 loops.
6. Add your button to the center of your flower. Sew button on, through all layers of ribbon.  Clip off any extra ribbon.
7. Cover your hair clip with ribbon, using hot glue.
8. You’re done! Now you have a cute hairbow for a sweet little girl in your life.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Printable

I love the children's song, "I Often Go Walking." It's probably my favorite Mother's Day song. So, in honor of that song, and our mothers, I'm offering this free printable for Mother's Day.  Display it in your home, frame it and give it to your mom (it's a 5x7), or turn it into a card.  Enjoy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Red Bow Blouse

This is the first top I've ever sewn. I started out sewing skirts, then graduated to dresses. After I'd done dresses for awhile, I decided to try a top. It's just a dress without the skirt, right? :)

I used NewLook 6808.  I made view C, because I fell in love with the bow, but I extended the sleeves a bit. 

It's a bit long, and I haven't yet decided if I like that or not.  I think I like it long when I wear it with jeans, but would prefer it shorter when I wear it with a skirt.  I may yet shorten it.  We'll see. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Love Fabric Store Sales!

I've lamented for awhile that I didn't have a dress form. It's hard to take pictures of yourself wearing your creations. At times I've even resorted to having my 3 year old (the only other person home with me during the day) try his hand at taking some pictures!

Well, I shall lament no longer:
I am the proud new owner of a dress form, thanks to a recent sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics ($100 off!).  I've already been enjoying it, both for photographing my creations (a post on my new blouse coming soon!), and for fitting and hemming a dress I've been making. 

Plus, they were having a sale on patterns!  Even Buttericks were on sale, and it seems like they never go on sale.  So, of course, I had to stock up.  :)

Of course, who knows when I'll have the time to make all of these.  My "to-sew" list is already miles long.  :)  Oh well, I'll get to them eventually--and I'll have tons of fun making them when I do! 

By the way, if you think I deserve it, don't forget to head over to seventhirtythree and vote for me!  :)    

Monday, May 2, 2011

Vote for Me!

Voting has begun, and I would love it if you headed over to seventhirtythree and voted for me.  I still can't believe I'm a finalist.  :) 
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