Friday, May 13, 2011

Flower Hairclip Tutorial

My sister asked me to make my niece a few hairclips to go with her Easter Dress. Here's what I came up with:
She chose to wear the felt one.  Here is my sweet niece modeling the clip for me in a field of tulips:
Now, being a mom of only boys, I'm rather new to hairclips.  While getting ideas for the clips, I saw some ribbon flowers in the notions section at the fabric store, and thought I'd try to figure out how to make some like that out of my own ribbon.  Perhaps this is old news to you ladies out there who have little girls, but it's new to me.  :) 

This is the clip we'll be making today:
You'll need:
1 narrow green ribbon
1 medium grosgrain ribbon in your desired color
1 button
Needle and Thread
Hair clip

I’m sure you could use hot glue for this tutorial, but I found it to be easier with needle and thread.

1. Poke your needle through the end of your green ribbon.
2. Loop ribbon around to make a leaf shape, push needle through second layer.
3. Repeat on other side
4. Repeat steps 1 though 3 with the wider ribbon.

5. Keep adding loops until you like the look of your flower. I made 5 loops.
6. Add your button to the center of your flower. Sew button on, through all layers of ribbon.  Clip off any extra ribbon.
7. Cover your hair clip with ribbon, using hot glue.
8. You’re done! Now you have a cute hairbow for a sweet little girl in your life.


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Kelley @ said...

thanks for sharing.. I pinned this so I remember how to do it when making bows for my baby girl :)

thank you!

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