Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Doctor

Both my son and husband wanted to go as Doctor Who for Halloween. I was going to have one be the 11th and the other the 10th, but as I didn't have a pinstripe suit or tan trenchcoat for either of them, they both went has the 11th. He's easier to dress. :)

For my son, I made suspenders out of burgandy ribbon, and a bowtie and fez (fezzes are cool!) out of felt.  Then he just wore his sunday shirt, a pair of blue slacks, and carried his awesome LED sonic-screwdriver flashlight.

We went a similar route for my husband, donning a tweedy-looking blazer from Goodwill instead of suspenders, and a cowboy hat instead of a fez.  (I wear a stetson now.  Stetsons are cool.)  

Granted, nearly nobody knew who they were supposed to be, but my guys knew they had cool costumes even if nobody else did.  :)  I think it may be time to start encouraging all my friends to watch Doctor Who on Netflix.  :)

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Holly said...

Bow ties are cool!

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