Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vintage Fun

I've had a couple opportunities lately to visit some vintage shops. I really love vintage clothing. I love vintage style, whether it's new or old, of course. But, there's something about actual vintage dresses that you just can't beat. I love thinking about the history vintage dresses have seen.

Check out all those hats!  I think I need hats to make a comeback...
I loved this dress.  The sheer over-skirt is a little worse for the wear, but the style and the yellow rose fabric is great.

This one was taffeta.  There's a similar repro pattern out there--I may need to make this dress.  In a brighter fabric, though.  Maybe pink?

I've really been into border prints lately.  This isn't exactly a border print, of course, but it kind of has the same vibe.  How cute would this be with a red cardigan?

Totally a Mad Men dress.  In fact, the tag listed it as a 1960s "Secretary Dress."

How's this for a formal.  Anyone out there wear gold daisies to prom?  1970s dresses are kind of awesome.  :)

I love the simplicity of this 1940s formal.
This one's even better though.  If it'd been my size I totally would have bought it to wear to my next 1940s Winter Ball.  I love the flowers on the bottom.

I was really excited to find this 1930s dress.  I haven't come across many dresses that old.  I love the inverted, contrasted pleats and the scalloped button placket.  Very cool.

This brocade dress and matching coat were beautiful.  And heavy.  Very heavy.  I can't imagine wearing that out for the evening.  My shoulders would be killing me.

This one was actually my size. I was tempted to buy it.  I've often wanted a beautiful 1950s prom dress like this (with, of course, a full petticoat underneath to get that fun fluffy skirt).  But, really, where would I wear it?

Another 1940s formal.  Kind of storybook-esque, with that high collar and the laces on the skirt.

This shop had a bunch of 40s evening gowns.  I was having the afternoon of my life.  :)

Okay, and this one is a hoot.  It's covered in bees and beehives. It's a Utah dress.  It even had a matching belt, covered in the same fabric.

See the little scroll with "Utah" on it?  I'm kind of in love with this dress.  If it'd been my size, I might have bought it just for kitsch value alone!

Oh, what fun vintage shops are!  

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