Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baby Dear Baby Shower: The Invitations

I recently threw a baby shower for a dear friend of mine.  I collect Golden Books and have been looking for an excuse to throw a Golden Book party for years.  I even found a site that puts books in diaper cakes here. Baby Dear was my favorite book as a little girl, and I thought it would be perfect for a Golden Book themed shower for a baby girl.  I was a bit giddy with excitement over the idea of a Baby Dear shower.  :)

With a book theme, of course the invitations have to look like the book, right?  I scanned in my old copy and prettied it up a bit in photoshop (30 years takes its toll on a well-loved children's book).

I erased "A Little Golden Book" from the front cover and replaced it with "A Little Baby Shower" in a similar font.  

I just love that I was able to get the back cover and the trademark spine on my invitations, too.   (Even if the spine is a worn silver now instead of the original gold.  I like the worn look better, so I didn't try to fix it.)  

I even put in the inside cover, with the bookplate and everything.  So cute!  The party information was written in a similar font to the original story and I put in an illustration from the book.  

I am seriously in love with these invitations.  I guess I'm just a Golden Book nerd.  :)

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Moni - Zuhaus at Home said...

These look great!! Thanks for visiting my blog..

Holly said...

That is seriously adorable.

Jessica said...

I saw the decorations but not the invitations! Seriously so so SO cute Jenny, great job! You are so creative.

Susan said...

Love them. If I ever throw another baby shower again, I just may have to steal your idea. :)

Nancy at maddalee™ said...

Hi Jenny, oh my, I so remember these books, so adorable and a great idea! I'm a new follower, thank you for sharing!

Have a good day, Nancy

Michelle Robinson said...

They look great!
I love your baby shower invitations, look so cute.
Thanks for sharing.

Cheers xxx
Mich of Baby Shower Decorations

Anusha A said...

Very sweet baby shower invitations! I have bookmarked your site for my future reference!

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