Monday, June 27, 2011

Card Club: June

For this month's card, I made an orange popsicle card!  I got the idea from a card I'd seen many, many years ago.  I used some craft sticks I had laying around for the popsicle stick, and a scalloped punch for the bite out of the popsicle.  The white paper inside makes it look like it's a creamsicle; yum!  :)

I don't stamp, so I just found a cute font for my summery message and printed it on my cardstock (it took a little bit of measuring to get it in the right spot).  I think it's a cute, summery card!


Carolyn said...

What an adorable card. I love it! I would be thrilled if you shared this project at my link party.

Thanks for the creative inspiration.
carolyn | homework

Susan said...

Totally creamalicious.

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