Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Year, New Blog Goal

This poor blog has been a bit neglected.  I got a little too caught up in it being a "sewing blog" there for awhile.  I got too busy to sew, plus put on a few pounds that I wasn't anxious to show off all over the internet, so I stopped.  And thus, the blog suffered.

But, this was never intended to be just a sewing blog.  It's any and all of my creations.  Hence, Jengerbread Creations.  So, I'm broadening my scope.  I make plenty of creations on a regular basis.  I just don't photograph them and upload them because they're not necessarily a cute dress or fabulous craft.

I may post recipes when I feel like it, home improvements, Cub Scouts stuff, or school projects (I've got Colonial Day costumes and 100 Day T-shirts to do this month, so why not post them here?  I bet many of you are busy moms to school-age kids who may appreciate the ideas!).

I hope to post more regularly than I have, but it won't be daily, maybe even not weekly.  Who has the time?  I sure don't.   I never intended this blog to be a big-time business type blog, but I don't want to abandon it entirely just because I'm busy, either.  Hopefully this plan solves that.  Because, I really love sharing my creations with you!

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