Thursday, July 11, 2013

Little Red Dress

Hi guys! Are you having a good summer? We're having lots of fun around here! I just thought I'd pop in and show you this cute little dress I made for a baby shower.

I didn't use a pattern, I just copied the shape from a dress I'd seen at the mall.

I just love piping on little girls dresses, don't you?  So cute.

It was tricky to find a good spot to photograph it; in this house of boys, there's not much girly stuff around.  :)  I tried the hooks in my "baby's" room.  Zoom out a little, though...and it's obvious it's a boy's room!  

It was fun to have an excuse to make something for a little girl!


Jenni said...

Adorable!! Love the piping.:)

Jessica said...

Adorable! I love your fabric choices. You are SO talented!!

Susan said...

Very cute. If you ever get the hankering to see another one my girls wouldn't say no. :)

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