Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Bored Board, Revamped

Last summer, I made a Bored Board for my boys. This year, though, it needed a little tweaking.  We've got rather scheduled days this year, as we have many goals we're working on and quite a few doctor's appointments (for being healthy boys, these guys sure have a lot of makes for quite a few check ups every year).   So, I wanted a spot to put a daily schedule.

So, I rearranged the pockets, and made space for a clear sleeve to slide in a daily schedule.  I make a week's worth at a time in Excel and slide the whole week in at once, pulling out a sheet after that day has passed.  

The pockets and "tickets" are a little different this year, too.  During the "blank" spots in the schedule (there's generally one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one after dinner), they can choose a ticket from one of the pockets.  I color coded them for morning (where trips to the zoo and the museum go), afternoon (paint, draw, build a blanket fort, etc.), evening (there's a Camp Out in the Backyard one in that pocket!), and "school time."  

I'm one of those "mean moms" who makes their kids keep up on their school skills during the summer.  They get quiet reading time every afternoon (this replaces nap time in our house when a kid stops napping every day.  Hey, Mom's gotta have a break, right?!).  And, they've got a spot in the schedule to brush up on writing and math skills.  So, they get to choose from various math computer games, and things like "make a list," "write in your journal," and "write a letter."

I'm also adding some chore cards to the board.  This is the summer my boys learn how to cook, clean, and do laundry!  I have a feeling this is going to be a fun, and productive, summer!


Meg said...

I'm going to teach Jaide to do laundry this summer too! I'm going to try to make something like your board as well so the girls don't end up spending way to much time in front of a screen.

Deb said...

i'm curious how structured your schedule is. how much do you plan? i want us to be more productive this summer than last, but still let them feel unstructured and free, which is what summer should feel like! i'm trying to decide how much to let them choose (i.e. when they do their reading or math practice or chores) or whether i should just tell them.

more than you wanted to know, i'm sure! but i'm always so impressed at your organizational skills!

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